Pure Trivia for iOS V 1.x

Pure Trivia for iOS V 1.x
Pure Trivia for iOS V 1.x

For many of you the news of a potential update to Pure Trivia might catch you by surprise. I would not blame you for thinking that maybe Pure Trivia would not see another update. For a while I shared in this thought and even considered shutting it down. I wanted to provide some sort of an update as to what is going on and where I see Pure Trivia going.
Initially I released the first version on iOS and I went through the approval process. This 1.0 was something I needed to publish. The app was extremely basic and was not something I would brag about. I needed some momentum and I needed some hope. After the first version was approved I was off to the races to build what I really wanted Pure Trivia to be. The first thing I needed to do was to build an Android version. So I start in May 2019 and a few months later I submitted something to Google for approval. Soon after Pure Trivia was live on Google Play.
Not only was it live, it was better than the iOS version. So, off I went to bring the iOS version up to par with the Android version. A few weeks later I submitted an update to Apple and waited. After going back and forth a bit with Apple, I was left completely confused and unsure of what to do. Their feedback was unclear and I was not getting anywhere by asking more questions. I was questioning what I would do with Pure Trivia. After leaving it alone for a week or two I finally got the perspective I needed. So I began revising Pure Trivia for iOS.
I have since almost completely rewritten Pure Trivia for iOS. The color scheme is about the only thing which has stayed the course. I won’t promise any specific dates, but I am inching my way closer to submitting something to Apple. Stay tuned for more updates. As soon as I have something to share I will post a new update.

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Jamie Larson