Apple's Best Defense

There is so much riding on Apple's future success it's unbelievable! Individuals, companies, and organizations of all kinds base their livelihood on the future of Apple. So, it's no wonder that the public speculates on Apple's future after their iconic leader, Steve Jobs, passes away. I think the thoughts that people are having about Apple and the future of the company are completely natural. &nbsp;Steve was the most innovative person of our time. He was a creative genius! &nbsp;I was blessed to work for Apple for 3.5 years. It was one of the best places I have been fortunate enough to call my employer. I believe that most people miss the whole reason why Apple is, well Apple. &nbsp;The reason: people equate Apple's success with the man that created and brought it back from extinction. &nbsp;No denying that Steve was a huge part of Apple's success, &nbsp;it isn't the only reason they are successful. &nbsp;One of the biggest things that Steve did while he was at Apple was to create a culture that demanded innovation. &nbsp;Apple hired the best and brightest innovators and continue to do so. &nbsp;The culture of the company remains like that of a start-up. &nbsp;Not the crazy, instability of a start-up. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The fact that innovation is part of the culture.</p>

If that part of their culture continues to thrive, they will continue their role as technology innovators.