Why I'm Leaving Google Apps

So you might be thinking, "Why would he do that?" First of all, I must say that I have enjoyed using my google apps account with my own private domain. Very easy setup, it is easy, convenient, and free!  It provides a quick and easy solution to those not interested in the finer details of managing email. What makes me want to leave google apps are based on my needs. Control of my data, separation of google account/services from my mail account. Difficulty in using google apps accounts with google tools/services.

My Needs

  • I am a small business that wants control of the finer details.

  • I want to keep my personal google account separate from my professional email.

  • I want to own my data, and it wasn't terribly easy to move to another email provider.

Even though google says that their users own their data, they have not gone above and beyond to make this an easy process.  They have this web site dedicated to data ownership, but even as a developer, I had to dig to figure out what to do. The more I dive into the developer side of my life, the less I like having someone else having control over my data. When I pay a company to host my email, I know that I own the data and I can make regular backups of that data. I can freely move to another provider if the one I am using shuts their doors.

Similarly, I have seen the same preference in syncing notes. I am a huge, HUGE fan of @evernote. They are such a great team of people. Some reason, I have gone from the biggest fan of Evernote, to the one who wants more control of my data on @Evernote. Now pay attention, I didn't say that I dislike Evernote. I dislike not having total control of my data. Although, I don't have a complete solution for taking the place of google apps, I have made steps towards what I ultimately want to have in place. Right now, I have control over my data. Yes, I still have my gmail account which I use for google services like google+, I never intended on getting rid of that. The difference is that I hold on to the data that I value. What are you thoughts on google apps? Who do you think of as their audience?