Pure Trivia - The Story Behind the App

Pure Trivia - The Story Behind the App
Pure Trivia - The Story Behind the App

On April 30, 2019, I announced that I submitted the 1.0 of Pure Trivia, the first version of the app to Apple for review. Just a few short weeks before, I had first entertained the idea of a Bible-based trivia game to encourage discussion between parents and kids. I wanted to provide an avenue for kids and parents to discuss what the Bible says about everyday topics. So why did I bring Pure Trivia to the App Store so soon? Why not work on it a few weeks more and give it a bit more polish?
I had only spent a few weeks developing the core of the app, and I knew it was not quite what I wanted it to be. So why the rush to get it in to the App Store? I believe that most individuals would expect an app to take more than a few weeks to develop. What would cause me to submit it to Apple so soon? Most who download the app would look at it thinking it is incomplete. Those individuals would be correct. The app is far from finished and lacking the polish that most have come to expect.

So what’s the story?

If you have been around my website since January, you might recall my article, “Going About It All Wrong.” In my article, I laid everything on the table about how I have been trying to build an app, The Prayer App, in all the wrong ways. This article was my way of bringing light to the psychological challenges faced in publishing, a.k.a. shipping software. Since publishing that article, I have enlisted the help of several trusted friends, family members, and anyone who was interested in supporting me as a software developer.

About three months into building The Prayer App, I came to the realization that I did not have all of the proper tools to build the app I wanted to build. This was not about physical tools or even pieces of technology I was lacking. I was missing key fundamental knowledge. I have made tremendous progress toward my goal, but I suddenly found myself without the knowledge I needed. Largely, I had tried to merely fill in the gaps with short tutorials when I came across something I did not know.

After three months of powering through in this way, I decided to invest some time into proper training. Surely I would benefit from knowing the proper ways to build such an app. After two short sessions into an online training program by Chris Ching called codewithchris.com, I felt loads lighter. In a days time, I already felt more equipped to build not just The Prayer App, but any other iOS app as well. To say the very least, I was encouraged, empowered, and ready to take on the world….but I knew I needed to invest more time into this course. So on I went.

After a good one to two weeks invested in Chris’ course, I was feeling like I could build just about anything. My confidence was high, but I was well aware of how quickly this feeling could cease. Codewithchris was providing me with the much needed confidence I was seeking. So I kept up the training and started thinking about how I could put into practice what I had learned. This is where my idea for Pure Trivia began.
So why the rush?In one word, momentum. One of the things I have learned somewhere along my journey is the value of momentum. My momentum began in January and lasted about three months. Towards the end of three months I noticed how easy it was to lose momentum. Chris’ training program was what gave me the momentum I needed when nothing else was working. I realized I needed to publish a simple app for a few reasons. One, I needed to continue the momentum. Two, I needed to ship something to prove to myself I could ship my own iOS app. Three, I needed a good starting place for an app I could improve on. Pure Trivia met all of the criteria I needed and thus an app was born.

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